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Licensing Information

Leasing Rights:
Comes with the right to sell up to 2,000 units using the rap beat(s) purchased. You are allowed to put the song on your mixtape or album if you have recorded a song to it, and it should be pretty easy for you to make a project even with these limited rights. This is your opportunity to buy beats for as low and affordable price.

Premium Leasing Rights:
This license comes with the right to sell a maximum of 10,000 units with the beats purchased, so in this case you get a little bit more bang for your buck. Also this license comes with the wave file for a better sounding studio session. Send us an email to obtain this file for studio purposes.

Exclusive Rights:
This is for full and sole ownership of the instrumental purchased. If you own exclusive rights to the beats you’ve purchased, then not only do you get the tracked out studio session files automatically, but you also gain the right to sell unlimited units. The song is yours, and you can do what you want with it. Once exclusive rights have been purchased, all we ask is that you give us credit on your song either in the description of the song or in the song booklet or CD back cover. This is your opportunity to buy beats or R&B music and make it your own.

Custom Production:
A lot of people ask us if we will do custom production, or remake a beat which they don’t have the rights to. The answer is yes. If you need music production on a custom level, please contact us via email and we will do all within our power to make you exactly what you need. Please keep in mind that custom beats come with exclusive rights, and we are only able to do custom work with at least a half down payment on the beat before we start. This 50% before, 50% after you’re satisfied deal works great for protecting both parties.

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